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Mobile Application

We at Logo Expert have been providing reliable mobile applications, with the ability to be engaging on pretty much all the platform. Our Skilled Mobile app developers have a great set of expertise in the development of strategic, competitive, and highly-interactive mobile applications that provide their audience with an exceptional user experience. Including all that Logo Experts have affordable packages.

IoS App Development

Our iOS mobile app development allows your iOS audience to use your application to buy products or use different services. Since iOS has a different operating system, it requires a different format of coding. That’s why to target your iOS audience. It would be best if you had iOS mobile app development.

Our developers hold years of development experience and have been quite a lot of expertise in handling development bugs. We’ve had a chance to design and develop iOS apps for different industries and niches, including healthcare, energy, photography, sport, education, and travel.

iPhone app development services

Our iOS app developers have years of expertise that meets the demands of your business. Our iOS app development offers you high tech application solutions with a future-centric approach.

iPad application development services

We allow the clients to be in command of devices they require for development optimization. Our highly scalable iPad app development services reach a wider consumer base, adding value to their services by offering an exceptional customer experience.

Applications for Apple TV and other smart devices

Our Apple TV application development services make sure that your audience receives pixel-perfect, high-quality audio/video content over with negligible latency. We are experienced in using proprietary Apple SDKs and tvOS development tools to build high-performance streaming applications for maximum user engagement.

Applications for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch assures a full range of opportunities, and we plan on being one of the pioneers behind exploring the full capabilities. Our iOS apps will enhance the Apple Watch experience in ways you never imagined.

Android Development

Logo Experts provide end-to-end Android app development services from brand analysis to provide ready-to-use Android mobile applications. Our Android mobile applications are easily uploaded to the google play store. Whether you need a brand-new application design for a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or wearable tech, redesign and update an existing one or expand your mobile solution from iOS to Android. We provide all of them at Logo Experts.

Custom Android app development

Our dedicated team of Android application developers has the required experience and expertise in Android mobile app development to ensure that you get high-performance and excellence.

Android applications for IoT

Logo Experts have the required skills to handle an IoT Project, whether it's Android or iOS. We consider the characteristics of working with sensors, measuring tools, and means of data transfer. We offer services that consume little energy, transfer the data swiftly, are fault-tolerant, and are secure.

UX/UI design for Android

Logo experts hold quite a lot of experience in UI/UX design and development services. We have delivered more than 700 UX/UI design for iOS and Android applications with our unsurpassed UI/UX design services for Android.

Android app redesign and scale-up

For Android mobile app development, Scalability plays a crucial role. Without a scalable application, your app would lack growth or offer a good user experience. That's why scalability is vital for any mobile application's success.

React Development

React development is perfect for building web user interfaces. React native app development has a component-based architecture, which implies that we can reuse code anytime and create component libraries. By doing so, we save a significant amount of time and money on website development. Logo experts’ developers learned how to use React native development in the early stages. That’s why we have a great set of skills and expertise required for React native development.

React Web App Development

React native development allows you to create interactive UIs, easily updating features, developing new components without rewriting the existing source code, and efficiently dealing with Search Engine Optimization, due to server-side rendering.

SPA development

React native development guarantees a flawless performance because of its virtual representation of the DOM: when a user cooperates with an app, the operations run against the virtual DOM and then rendered on the visible page.

Migration to React

To ensure that you meet business requirements, we make sure that there's a smooth migration from any JavaScript platform to React native platform. Unlike other development platforms, react native combines flexibility, the capability to pass rich data through an app, and a powerful composition model.

Ongoing support

Logo Experts provide extensive maintenance, support, and react JS consulting services. We help you pick the most affordable maintenance so that you can count on ongoing support, enhancements, upgrades, and technical improvements to your product.

Flutter Development

Logo Experts developers code quite impressively and deliver flutter applications on time. We operate on Google's portable UI toolkit to develop high performance, flexible, and expressive mobile apps for Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop. Our Flutter developers write a single codebase and compile it into a cross-platform application.

User First UI & UX

Logo Experts design your Flutter applications that are leveraging the expressive and flexible UI of the development framework. Our highly qualified designers use conditional UI with remarkable animations to deliver a native user experience that drives engagement.

Native Performance

Our mobile app developers’ code combines Flutter’s widgets for cross-platform adaptability to deliver an essential performance with 60 fps on Android and iOS mobile app development platforms.

Scalable & Future Ready

Logo Experts take mobile app scalability very seriously. Our expert designer designs a robust architecture, so your mobile application works very smoothly on high organic traffic. We use such a code that future upgrades are easily embedded into the code. It can be adding compatibility or new features with the latest software and hardware.

Test-Driven Development

Our developers work with a determined test-driven process and leverage Flutter’s debugging and inspection features while creating mobile applications. This is followed by QA using the best app testing tools.

Advantages of Website Development

by our company

100% Customer Satisfaction

We aim to achieve complete satisfaction by providing most trusted and effective solutions to make your business stand out of crowd.

Wide Variety to Choose from

Logo Experts houses a huge collection of unique designs to choose from to meet your business needs creatively.

Cost effective Solutions

We believe in offering the most effective services at affordable price to make a positive impression on your business associates.

On-time Project Delivery

Logo Experts makes sure to handle your project effectively and deliver the results before time to meet your unique demands.

Brand Elevating Designs

Want your brand identity to elevate above all? We have the craftsmanship to deliver you exceptional designs to make your business stand out in the crowd.

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    Creating a Mobile App Development Brief

    We create a mobile app that targets your desired audience and helps you promote your online business or services. We ensure that you have the upper hand on your competitors.

  • 02

    Research & Discovery

    We study your mobile app requirements in-depth, its competition, and target audience to ensure we know your application's requirements.

  • 03

    Idea Generation & Website Design

    We share numerous innovative ideas and designs for your mobile application. We pick the best one and keep perfecting its functionality.

  • 04

    Mobile Application Proposal

    Mobile application development is often presented as a PowerPoint presentation with the designed screens for the application, which shows its functionality and design.

  • 05

    Final Delivery & Support

    After a mobile app development package has been developed and launched, website is transferred to the clients.

Our Clienttestimonials

Darlene Childs

I wanted a captivating logo design for my business. Thanks to Logo Experts, my company got what it lacked from our side. They made sure that the logo defines our aims and our purpose. Logo Expert had a variety of packages that were extremely reasonable and options to modify various design work. I am glad that I got to work with Logo Experts.

Carol Michael

Our company needed to redefine its organization's identity. We approached many logo development agencies. But Logo Experts won our hearts with its outstanding skills and professionalism. From affordable pricing to execution, these people are highly qualified and super creative. Believe me; their name says it all!

Brian Liem

Logo Experts did a wonderful job presenting us with numerous logo options and letting us pick the logo we liked best. Their response was amazing, and they handled the work quite well. We are thrilled with the work they did. All I can say is, keep up the good work, Logo Experts!

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